The SPOT UV Indicator Pilot Program is happening this Summer

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The SPOT indicator changes colour with UV light, letting you know when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you.

Stick-on Innovation

Stick a SPOT on your arm then, apply sunscreen on top of the SPOT and to the rest of your body as your normally would.

When your sunscreen is no longer protecting you, the ink changes to purple to warn you that you're in danger!


How It Works

Special ink in each SPOT changes colour when exposed to UV light!

We at Suncayr want to change the way that people enjoy the outdoors, so that we can all have a little more fun and a little less worrying

The special UV ink in each SPOT is CLEAR when your skin is not exposed to dangerous UV rays. Sunscreen is great to protect your skin when you're outdoors!

However, the special UV ink changes to PURPLE when you are no longer protected from UV Rays. Now, you know it's time to do something about your UV exposure.

We're in production!

SPOTs are dermatologist and paediatrician tested!

With SPOTs by Suncayr, you and your family can confidently be safe outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

We plan to be distributing in Summer 2017 in south-western Ontario at special launch events - sign up to our mailing list to learn more! Subscribe Here

We aim to be retailing in 2017 in Australia and Canada, and in 2018 in Europe and the USA.

If you are a Distributor, Wholesaler, or Store-Owner, please see the FAQ at the bottom of the page or contact the team at!

Each SPOT contains regular ink and a special UV responsive ink. These inks are printed onto a "sticker", which is made from a comfortable, medical grade, plastic backing.

You'll always see the regular ink, so you can proudly wear your design of choice all day long! The special UV ink is

  • clear or white when your sunscreen is protecting you
  • purple when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you.

The medical grade base is qualified to the highest safety standards, and the adhesive is designed to stay on while you're swimming, sweating, or just relaxing. SPOTs are dermatologist and paediatrician tested!

All of the ingredients that we use are already in use in cosmetic products that you use in your everyday life, and are already FDA/Health Canada approved. We promise to always keep safety as our first priority, and we will always perform past our due diligence to ensure safety.

Put 1 SPOT on your arm in the morning before you apply your sunscreen. The SPOT will be accurate for 1 day of activity. Remove your SPOT at the end of the day!

SPOTs contain an ink that is activated by UV light. It can change colour from clear to purple (and back to clear again!) many times. HOWEVER, once you apply sunscreen on top of a SPOT, it becomes "activated". Once you activate your spot, it only remains accurate for 1 day of use, after which you should remove it!

The colour change occurs due to UV light. When our ink is exposed to UV light, it changes from clear to purple. When it is exposed to visible light (in the absence of UV light), it changes to clear. Since sunscreen blocks UV light but lets visible light pass through, the special ink in each SPOT is clear/white when your sunscreen is protecting you and changes to purple when you're in danger.

We have done testing into other colours and have proven our ability to make other colour changes besides clear to purple possible! However, for our initial product launch we will be sticking with the clear to purple ink.

The colour change is reversible! The SPOT will be accurate for 1 day of activity, so you only need to put 1 SPOT on in the morning before heading outside.

We recommend that you use 1 SPOT per day. If a SPOT changes to purple and you apply sunscreen over top of it, it will change back to clear and let you know that you're safe again. At the end of the day,remove your SPOT and throw it out!

The change from clear to purple (when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you) will take approximately 30 seconds in direct sunlight!

The change from purple to clear (you've applied or re-applied your sunscreen) can take up to 1.5 minutes in direct sunlight to change back to clear!

SPOTs are water resistant, sweat resistant, and towel resistant. When you're outside at the beach, don't worry about it falling off - SPOTS are designed to last through your wear and tear. We rate each SPOT for 1 day of use.

We will be releasing a product line of SPOTs that have no regular-coloured-ink (hence, they will only be printed with special UV ink on a clear backing). These SPOTs will reduce the chances that you will see a tan line.

However, our regular SPOTs do have the potential to leave a tan line.

Please keep in mind that our product is designed to help you remember that dangerous UV rays are always out there when you're outdoors. If you apply sunscreen regularly (as your dosage instructions would recommend you to do so) you are keeping your skin safe from UV, which will result in very minimal or no tanning (tanning isn't good for your skin!).

Email with the following information.

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  • Contact Phone Number
  • Country / Distribution Region of Interest
  • Indicate if you are interested in a custom design ! We may be able to print custom SPOTs just for you!

We will respond to you within 2 business days.